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Red Snapper Length Weight Chart

Red snapper length weight chart comparison will give you detailed information about the overall weight and length of the snapper fish that you catch. It is important to measure the fish based on their length and weight since it will affect the price of the fish. And if you love sport fishing, it can also tell you how big the red snapper that you successfully catch in the ocean. Many sport fishing lovers always try to compare their biggest catch especially if they can catch fish with big size.
Average red snapper length weight chart
Red snapper length weight chart will show information about average length and weight of snapper in pounds or kilograms. Usually there is some standard when measure the weight and the length of red snapper which can be used by fishermen. However, you can also try to measure the weight and length of the fish that you can catch.
For quick information, average northern red snapper length can reach up to 60 cm or 24 inches with maximum length of 100 cm or 39 inches, their weight down about 20 pounds. However, most of red snapper that you found in the market have less weight and length. The red snapper estimated ages are around 40 to 50 years.
The red snapper like to inhabit deep waters and they can mostly being spotted as deep as 300 feet or 90 meter in the sea. They like to stay close to the bottom between rocky bottoms or on the reefs. The red snapper is warm water fish with bright deep red to pink skin and a bit silvery shades appearance. It is a predatory fish that like to feed on other smaller animals.
Red snapper is one of the most valuable seafood in the fishing industry because they offer delicious flavor and appealing appearance. They are highly marketed in expensive price and many considered it as luxury fish in the restaurant.
How to measure red snapper length weight chart
You can make your own measurement of red snapper length weight chart with rules and pencil. This will help you to compare your red snapper in every caught. This is also like to be done by fish biologist when they collect weight and length data from various types of fish including red snapper.
By measuring the red snapper fish based on their weight and length, it will help calculation of weight and length relationship of snapper fish. And in then when sometime you catch red snapper fish but you do not bring calculator or tools, you can still try to estimate their weight based on their length only.
Here are some guides on how to measure red snapper length weight chart. But please take a note that individual snapper fish may still have different measurement depending on their sex, age, season, and the recent feeding activity. There are two ways to measure the length of the red snapper:
·         Total length: it is mean you measure the red snapper fish from the snout to the tip of the tail.
·         Fork length: it is mean you measure the red snapper fish from the snout, however only to the fork of the fish tail.
Total length is the legal length and it is the maximum length of the fish. Both of the fork and total length are often being used in conversion tables or charts. It is usually being done in cm for the length and kg/ pounds for the weight. You can use both of the length using rules, after you can tell the length measurement then the next thing you can do is find some red snapper chart and look for the result. It will tell you how much the weight based on the length measurement which you have done before. With this method, you do not need to always bring the scale every time you want to catch some fish in the ocean and it will save a lot of time.
How to measure red snapper length weight chart with girth rules
Alternative method to measure the red snapper fish besides using rules and pencil is by using girth rules, the rules that you often found being used by tailors. This is also one of the simplest ways to measure the length and the weight of the fish. Here are the guides to start measuring fish with girth rules:
1.      You may want to take out the fish from the water or keep them in the water. After that start to measure the red snapper with girth rules by wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of the snapper fish. After that, check for the measurement and square it.
2.      The second step is to measure the length of the fish from the tip of the fish to the end tail of the fish using girth rules.
3.      Next, you need to multiply the length by the result with this formula: (girth x girth) x length of the fish. And after that divide the result with 800, there you finally get the measurement that you want to know!
With this method, you do not need to calculate the snapper weight with scales and it can be done in short time. Snapper fish weight and length is varied based on their species. However, most of the snapper that you will see in the market is smaller than the average caught.
Red snapper is not only great fish in appearance, in fact they also offer very delicious sweet nutty flavor. When you want to catch this fish because of its value then you need to take natural live bait so the snapper will easy to attract. Live baits are more effective to be used than the artificially baits.
When fishing red snapper, it is important to know the season as well. For recommendation, you can try to fish during the spring season when snapper is abundant and in great condition. After you caught some of red snapper fish in the ocean, you can try to measure them based on red snapper length weight chart calculation to tell you whether you already break the record.

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